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1. What is the difference between the opening (span) size and the finished size?
- The opening size refers to the dimensions of the frame in which the door is inserted, while the finished size refers to the measurements of the finished door, without any calculated tolerances.

2. How much does an accordion folding door weigh?
- The accordion folding door weighs approximately 7.5 kg per square metre.

3. What are the delivery times?
- Around 15 days from order confirmation.

4. Does the accordion folding door produce a flat surface when fully extended?
- No, the door remains undulated with the curves forming an angle of around 120° at the most.

5. I have an accordion folding door with a right-hand opening, can I dismantle it and reposition it with a left-hand opening?
- Yes, the doors do not have a fixed opening direction, unless of course the two sides are a different colour

6. What mechanism is used to open and close an accordion folding door?
- The door is fitted with wheels that run inside a track.

7. What are the maximum dimensions that an accordion folding door can have?
- In the case of a large surface area, the weight of the door itself may limit its movement. Consequently, it is advisable to split the door into two or more parts with intermediate openings

8. My opening does not have a soffit, can I still install an accordion folding door?
- Yes, it is possible to fit beams with side connectors at the required height.

9. Can I install an accordion folding door outdoors?

- Yes, but the structure must be chromed.

10. Can I have a different colour on each side of the door?
- Yes, different materials can also be used

11. Where are accordion folding doors used the most?
- They are put to various uses in restaurants, hotel congress rooms and for partitioning factory buildings

12. What is an intermediate upright?
- This is used when installing the doors in a “T” configuration to provide a support to which the jamb can be fixed

13. Can I use my own lock on the accordion folding door?
- Yes. You must inform us of the dimensions beforehand.

14. If I made a mistake with the measurements, is it possible to adapt an already made door?
- No, each door is made to measure.

15. Why is there a table of fixed sizes that must be respected?
- Because a door is made up of modules. Consequently a measured width refers to a size which can be the same as or slightly bigger than the fixed construction size of the table. The result is that the door is extended to a greater or lesser degree.

16. Can I change the colour of the handles, track, jamb and seal?
- Yes, simply ask for a kit with the measurements

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